Basic filters such as expansion, contraction, noise removal, smoothing (Gaussian filter), sharpening (unsharp mask), thinning, and contour extraction are all supported.
There are also numerous advanced filters available, such as combination processing with morphological operations, blur correction filters, spike noise removal filters, and ghost removal filters.
Expansion Filter10-50ms (2005/notebook PC) for A3 map (5600×4200 pixels)
Contraction Filter10-50ms (2005/notebook PC) for A3 map (5600×4200 pixels)
Noise Removal Filter20-100ms (2005/notebook PC) for A3 map (5600×4200 pixels), removing areas up to 200 pixels in size, and also supports hole removal
Gaussian FilterBelow 10ms for 320×240 pixels
Unsharp Mask12-60ms (2005/notebook PC) for 400×360 pixels
Thinning100-450ms (2005/notebook PC) for A3 map (5600×4200 pixels)
Original Image
Blur Correction Filter
Spike Noise Removal Filter