Polygon Intersection Calculation
You can perform fast intersection tests between polygons and polylines, polygons and polygons, and polylines and polylines while maintaining the structure in HTML format. We are currently developing intersection testing software for topographic maps with several tens of thousands of graphic elements (polygons, polylines).
For example,
  • Intersection between "Polyline: Road" and "Polygon: Building"
  • Intersection between "Polyline: Road" and "Polyline: Road"
  • Intersection between "Polygon: Building" and "Polygon: Building"
can be tested. Roads and buildings often have adjacent areas, which need to be distinguished from intersections.
Even in areas with a vast number of inspection targets, such as Tokyo city center, fast processing can be achieved.
Furthermore, we have also developed and provided software that applies polygon arithmetic operations to automatically correct intersection areas for cases where the intersection is tiny.