Nesting: Nesting Operations
Select the parts in the parts dialog, and align them automatically or manually with the specified logic, angle, and gap (minimum distance between parts).
Specifying Nesting Logic and Gap (Minimum Distance Between Parts) Creating User Logic Dialog

The gap means that each part expands by a gap/2 to the outside. The gap is equal to the minimum distance between parts.
When the Gap is Set to 2mm When the Gap is Set to 20mm
When the Gap is Set to -10mm
You can also edit the arranged parts after nesting.
You can move the parts by dragging them with the mouse.
It is difficult to align the parts perfectly with a gap interval using mouse operations, so by specifying only the direction of movement of the parts, the parts slide until they hit a wall or another part "Slide" and then slide again until they hit another part "Fit" processing makes the operation easier.

Slide Fit
An example of nesting information is as follows. Display the information required by the selling manufacturer here.
It can also be displayed in English or other languages.
Nesting Information