parts database
Data from patterns, CAD software output data, etc. are imported and managed as a parts database.
Functions such as adding, deleting, changing angles, changing names, resizing, generating different sizes, and measuring various information are performed.
List of Parts
Popup menu
Click to select the process to apply to the part
Expand/contract part
Create expand/contract parts one by one
Bulk creation
Generate shoes of different sizes according to each stage
Ratio setting
Parameter for bulk creation
The Parts Information dialog has the following functions:
  1. Change part name
  2. Set the number of parts per foot
  3. Set the size
  4. Measure perimeter
  5. Rotate to any angle (can also be rotated in 1 degree, 45 degrees, or 90 degrees)
  6. Flip horizontally or vertically
  7. Optimal logic search
  8. During nesting, the optimal logic and angle in that logic are found based on either of the following criteria:
    1. Minimize wasted area
    2. Maximize the number of parts arranged on the material
    The range of angles can be set to ±5 degrees from the current angle or 360 degrees. For cases where the cutting direction does not matter, such as leather materials, a search is performed within a range of 360 degrees. For cases where the cutting direction cannot deviate significantly from the initial setting, such as cloth materials, a range of ±5 degrees is used.
  9. Sequential undo of all operations
Parts Information Dialog