strong point
  1. 360-degree automatic recognition of tilted text with any tilt angle, and ability to select specific lines of slanted text with just one drag operation.
  2. Tuning function with parameters that are applicable to any document layout.
    Provides parameters for general documents, mechanical drawings, topographic maps, cadastral maps, and tables, catering to those who find creating parameters troublesome.

  3. Ability to extract and select only text even when it is surrounded by graphical shapes or mixed with them.
  4. Support for large-scale drawings exceeding A0 size. Capable of handling thousands to tens of thousands of text paragraphs within one image.
Automatically recognized by cadastral parameters.
Able to accurately recognize text along cadastral lines and text that is not aligned.
Cadastral Recognition 1
The text box in the upper left contains graphical shapes, but the lines are automatically excluded.
Cadastral Recognition 2
Text recognition in drawings.
Enlargement of the central part of the above drawing.
Further enlargement of the above drawing, displaying the result modification dialog.