You can edit raster image by CAD link operation.

Raster Editing Library
The world's first library for building raster editing applications
Capable of converting between raster editing and paint editing
Want to remove meridians and parallels without affecting other shapes
Want to move roads without affecting other shapes
About "raster edit".
利用例:Raster kit for Zuno Rapid pro(ラスタキット for 図脳RAPIDPRO)

 price list

■Library Provision

C++/C/Java/VB applications can easily develop raster editing products under 100,000 yen. Some functions (such as line deletion and movement) can be provided at a low cost.

■Image Processing API Provision

Automatic tilt detection + tilt correction, high-speed 4-point/multipoint correction, noise removal, rotation, various filter processing

■Vertex Line Editing Function

Vertex movement, vertex deletion, vertex cutting, vertex insertion, vertex connection. Thinline/thickening/rectification

■Shape Editing Function

Movement/deletion (interpolation of the original shape), copy, rotation, enlargement/reduction, affine transformation

■Shape Insertion and Others

Insertion of complex part shapes, various shape drawing functions, multi-stage undo/redo, vector format output

■Integration with Paint Editing

Various APIs for interacting with editing functions outside the library are provided
(Example: Editing with the library after flipping left and right outside the library)

■OCR Option

Available because we are the developer of OCR library
OCR options are available at a very low price