* Raster Vector Conversion Library
Compared to other products, this library is cost-effective, fast, low-error, and capable of recognizing dashed lines, dots, and circles.
As an OCR manufacturer, we excel in processing characters.

 price list

* Full Spec

Center line(Core line) vector conversion, contour vector conversion, automatic trace conversion, area shapes and line shapes, automatic character recognition

* High Performance

High speed (a few seconds at A0 size (Core2 Duo) to just over 10 seconds (Pentium-M 1.6GHz)), minimum vertex generation required (comparison images)

* High Precision

Conversion with error of less than 1 pixel (comparison images)

* Multifunctional

Proximity parallel line formatting function, dashed line recognition function (support for dashed lines, dotted lines, chain lines)

* Shape Recognition

Recognition of circles, arcs, rectangles, squares, points, and more

* OCR Option

Possible as the developer of the OCR library
Providing an OCR option at a very low price