Character Recognition Library
Want to equip servers or web applications with character recognition functionality
Want to automatically recognize special documents (maps, drawings, cadastral maps)
Want to recognize documents with special fonts like cursive or CAD fonts

 Application Pricing
 Library Pricing
 Algorithm Usage

■Special Document Support

Can automatically recognize text in addition to vertical writing and horizontal writing
Drawing (machinery, architecture, civil engineering), Survey maps, Inheritance tax road valuation maps, Residential maps, comics, Newspapers, books, and magazines are also supported

2022 Version Upgrade Content

Improved recognition rate with the deep learning supported engine
Can operate in 32-bit. Achieves recognition speed of 100 to 200 characters/second without a GPU
Multi-thread processing capable. 500 characters/second on a notebook PC. 1500 characters/second on a desktop PC
Learned with 15,750 font image patterns (data size over 200 GB)
Hybrid processing with the old engine is possible. Previously registered user patterns can also be used
Learning function (user character registration) is reflected instantaneously
For more details, refer to the "Topics" on the left side of the screen
Grayscale/Color Supported Supports grayscale/color images at the library level in conjunction with the deep learning support
Enhanced machine learning language dictionary (18.9 megabytes → 55.3 megabytes → 99.5 megabytes)
Additional specialized term dictionaries (can be strengthened for specialized terms, etc.) (from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of words)

Version upgrade content from 2009 to 2016

New contact character processing, Nested paragraph processing, Automatic invert character processing, Automatic italic recognition, Line and underline contact character processing, High accuracy recognition with three engines majority voting, Increasing the n-gram language dictionary threefold (18.9 megabytes to 55.3 megabytes), Addable morphological analysis language dictionary (from several hundred words to several hundred thousand words)

Telop Character Recognition

Provides a library for recognizing telop characters.
Compatible not only with news programs but also with variety shows.
Supports various character expressions such as color characters, inverted characters, and outlined characters.

Variety of Paragraph Formatting

Various methods of specifying such as specifying paragraphs with various shapes including texts rotated 90 and 180 degrees

Abundant Editing Functions

One-click vertical and horizontal writing, character types, italics, paragraph size changes + re-recognition

Unlimited Number of Paragraphs

Supports thousands to tens of thousands of paragraphs, can assign one paragraph to one symbol on an A0 topographic map

Font Identification (Optional)

Mincho, Gothic, Maru-gothic, Textbook, Kaisho, CAD font + font width and size identification

Dictionary Compiler (Optional)

Possible to create recognition dictionaries from any Windows font