Geometric Figure Processing Achievements
  Geometry algorithm application technology developed through map inspection system for the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan

2D Polygon Arithmetic

Calculating the union, intersection, and difference of polygons

Intersection Calculation

Calculating the intersection between polygons, polygon and polyline, and polyline and polyline

Polyline to Polygon Conversion

Extracting polygons from line drawings and enabling calculations such as area calculation and determining if a point is inside or outside the region

Polygon Expansion and Contraction

Expands and contracts polygons instead of scaling them
Can expand or contract polygons to a certain distance outside or inside
Used for processes such as arranging polygons at a constant distance from each other

Convex Hull

Convex hull that surrounds any given geometric object (e.g., convex hull that surrounds a text area)

■Scanline Conversion

Converts polygons into filled raster images
Can handle thin polygons like line drawings

■Topographic Map Coordinate Conversion

Converts between BL (Blue Lamp) coordinate system and UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinate system